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South Jersey's 1st Affordable
Client Services Include:
  • Tax Preparation 
  • Accounting 
  • Computer Systems Consultation 
  • Tax Planning 
  • Estate Planning 
  • Retirement Planning 
  • Audit Representation 
  • Business and Sales Acquisition 
  • Retirement Planning 
These two files are to be used in understanding what information is useful, and/or required to make sure you have pay the least amount in taxes.  The short organizer should work for most people.  Any questions please call me.
These tools are great.  Most people are amazed at what they learn from playing around with these schedules for 5 minutes.  They are not confusing, but can be scary once you make them realistic.  If you have any questions, or would like a brief tutorial give us a call.  Hopefully soon we will have some short tutorial videos on how to plug in the numbers.
But for now try them on your own.  Only thing it will cost you is 5 minutes!
Now the Personal Budget is something that is basically self explanatory, and a major requirement to establishing good financial habits.  Take a minute to look it over.  This schedule probably will not take more than 1 HOUR to complete.  It doesn't require any complex formulas, or fancy computations.  The only person who can honestly complete this form is you, & your spouse.  It isn't easy to sit down to do, but once you make the commitment it should be easy from there.
Make this investment of less than a single hour, because you owe it to yourself.
To be able to move forward ask yourself where am I now?
This section of our site will hopefully in time be a great center where people can educate themselves.  The tools that we have included on this site are  easy to use.  They require  little explanation if any. If you feel you need, or would like an explanation on any of the resources please feel free to contact us.  The explanation is free the only thing we will require from you is that you will pass this information along.  We like to teach, educate and help those who would like to develop a better understanding of Finance. If you spend a short amount of time developing a solid understanding of how these tools work.   You can honestly find yourself saving a few thousand dollars every year.
I currently am working on a book Titled
"Teaching Kids & Their Parents How To Spend and Save Wisely."
After hearing from many young Mom's & Dad's who find themselves living paycheck to paycheck because their parents never taught them to save. 

The fact is that when you decide to have children (whether it's a conscious choice or an accidental one), part of the commitment is to put your children before yourself. You've only got to stick it out until the youngest is 18, but until then your hobbies, career, free time, and all the rest takes second place.  It is ultimately the parents responsibility to teach the rules of saving and money to their kids.
I decided to put something together that will not only teach the kids, but also educate the parents.  Let's be honest this isn't something taught in schools, and needs to be at home.  The only financial education I had prior to college was balancing a check book in 8th grade. 
This section of our website will be designed to educate parents so they may teach their kids in key areas such as 

- Establishing Good Financial Habits
- Saving for Rainy Day  (AKA an EMERGENCY)
- The truth about what things really cost 
- It will also feature the "Evil Mister Interest"
(How he turns a Good Thing like Interest against us all) 
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